Spa Therapy

Click below for a description of our Spa Therapies:
*Please remember to bring a swimsuit to wear during your wrap!

Hand or Foot Treatments ~ NO NAILS

A mineral aromatherapy softening soak, salt glow exfoliation, moisture infusing paraffin dip and massage. These treatments are sure to soften, hydrate and relax your hands and feet! These are no nails/no tools treatments.



Milk and Honey Hydrating Wrap

This wrap is a great way to help with sensitive, dry skin. We soak our wraps in a blend of minerals, botanicals, pure local honey, and whole buttermilk, then apply it to the body. The milk and honey moisturizes and nourishes leaving skin silky and smooth.


Seaweed Antixoidant Wrap

We soak our wraps in a detoxifying blend of botanicals, minerals, sea kelp and spirulina. This wrap is high in antioxidants for anti-aging, detoxifies the body & skin, and stimulates the metabolism.


Under-the-weather Eucalyptus Wrap

This wrap is great for combating the common cold and respiratory congestion. We soak our wraps in a detoxifying mix of minerals, herbs and botanicals that will aid in respiratory health.

Tension Tamer Muscle Wrap

Rosemary is great for sore muscles! Combined with the warmth of the wrap, this blend will leave you relaxed, rejuvinated and will help detoxify the skin.

Inner Peace Wrap

This combination of minerals and botanicals, emphasizing on lavender and calendula will soothe the mind as well as the body.